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Black on Black LV x Supreme Customs For… (Click to find out!)

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It’s truly amazing how far social media can reach people that you would have never imagined being able to meet, EVER, in your life.

A week before Thanksgiving I received a DM. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He saw the last pair of customs and wanted them in a black on black colorway for an all black event on Black Friday. I remember not being able to afford his shoes as a kid, and here I am being asked to make a pair for someone I looked up to growing up.

Wanna know how influential he was to me?
I was literally wearing his blue Orlando pinstripe jersey in my last Youtube video, and that was filmed 2 months before!
If this was 2 decades ago, the chances of me even getting Penny Hardaway to know who I am and what I do what be next to impossible. Now, he’s reaching out to me to do a custom. The ability to present your work to a mass audience has never become so easy with social media. Celebrities and athletes reaching out to me for a custom is just so surreal still. Believing in yourself and what you create should always be your key to enjoying something that your truly passionate about.

If you’re an up and coming customizer or just simply love painting kicks, I hope this story inspires you to post your works of art through social media.

You never know who’s watching…

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  1. Randall
    | Reply

    Do you sell the shoes too because i will buy it from you

    • suheel sheikh
      | Reply

      Yes we do, email us if you would like a custom done.

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