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Matte Olive & Gum Bottoms Cookin Up at the Shop!!!

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We’re pretty experienced with the Jordan 11, but there was one particular theme that we were dieing to do.
We got the call…FINALLY, someone wanted to do a matted out, military theme to their Jordan 11! We were waiting for a long time to find a customer to request this theme, I mean I’m talkin years. It was almost the same exact custom that we had in mind. Matte olive upper with a gum bottom and a matching jumpman on the sides. Needless to say, we couldnt wait to get started!

First things first, how do you achieve an absolute matted out finish when we’re so accustomed to seeing the super shiny, factory patent leather version floating around on 11s? Well, rather then describe it, we made a YouTube tutorial on it:

You can find all the items we used to paint the upper and the shoe laces below, we used, flat white, flat black, avocado Angelus Paint & Duller to get this color. If you’d like these paints, click on the link below:
Order Angelus Paints Here!

Then just search for what paints you need! Clicking on this link helps Angelus know that we are helping you get on the right track for customizing your shoes, so please click the link to support if you appreciate our work!

We had to color match the upper, so in case youre wondering how we did that, here’s a tutorial on how to dye your laces to match a custom color like the olive green we did on these…

Lastly, we trusted Dark Knight Official and chose their Gum Brown sole dye to finish off the bottom icey sole. 4 layers of dye later, we had a completely solid gum bottom sole with a translucent look!
If you’d like to learn how to dye your soles, check out our tutorial here!

If you’re interested in what else we can do with Jordan 11s, check out our Kicks Gallery and see how different we can flip your Legend Blue 11s!

Shout out to the homie Danny for giving us the opportunity to finally get one of our long awaited idea out and having the same vision as us! This is Danny’s 5th (YES 5TH!) custom from us and we truly appreciate you rockin with us man! Salute!

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  1. Felix
    | Reply

    How much for the olive 11s

  2. Yoshi Williams
    | Reply

    I want these. How much?

  3. Jade P.
    | Reply

    I would like to buy these

  4. Daniel
    | Reply

    I would love to buy the Oval Green in the UK 11 and the next customer of u

    • suheel sheikh
      | Reply

      Email us if you would like a custom done. Thanks!

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